Efficient Repair, Replacement, And Recycling Storage Planning

Does your business thrive on its ability to service its own technology? Does your shop need a way to bring in new parts, service old parts, and recycle everything else? You can cut down on service costs and bring get a little money back from your initial investment with the right planning, but you're going to need some good organization and helpful storage. Here are a few planning points and storage equipment to help your business line up an efficient service and recycling system:

The General Layout

A good part and servicing area needs a clear partition between not only the individual types of parts but new versus used parts.

To keep employees in the right general area, using a set of stackable, heavy duty storage bins can keep access fast and efficient. A set of newly-machined screws of a particular size can be on top, and the used screws of the same size are below. As you move to the right, different sizes and different types of parts continue down the line with the same top and bottom layout.

This can become an issue with heavier parts and devices, as it can take a lot of strength and repetitive motions to continue checking the same areas. Larger objects can be kept in larger, hand-carry bins for both storage and easier carrying.

With recyclable materials, you can use a combination of recycling bin storage for devices that have similar metals and materials or keep everything sorted by the same type. You may want to locate the recycling area in a place with an open area to make recycling easier.

Recycling Workshops And Scrapping Areas

For recycling, it's best to break down components into their smaller materials if possible. A large machine that requires hours of dismantling can stay in one piece unless you're salvaging a highly valuable core component for other reasons, but devices such as computers, fans, light fixtures, and desk-mounted machines can be broken down to access individual scrap materials.

The point of separating scrap is to take advantage of individual recycling rates. Individual materials such as aluminum, copper, gold, steel, and iron all have their own daily changing-rates. You can recycle whole devices without dividing them for an average amount that should be based on the contents, but it's these averages are not always up to date.

Stackable storage bins, hand-carry bins, and rolling carts can be used to store these divided materials. This kind of organization makes it easier to deliver the recyclable materials to take care of spikes in recycling rates quickly while avoiding low recycling prices.

Contact an industrial and commercial storage container professional like Garland's, Inc. to discuss available storage options.

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