3 Things To Look For When Renting Construction Equipment

Purchasing heavy machinery can be costly, but access to the right equipment can make it easier to complete a construction project. For contractors who don't want to invest in the purchase of construction equipment, renting machinery can be a viable alternative.

Here are three things that you should be looking for when renting construction equipment for your upcoming projects.

1. The model year of available equipment.

In addition to saving you the expense of purchasing expensive machinery, renting provides you with the opportunity to access the latest models available. Rental companies typically upgrade their equipment on a regular basis to ensure that can offer customers access to the most current machinery available on the market.

Be sure that you are asking about the model year of the equipment available through your rental company to ensure you will be able to utilize the newest machinery to complete your construction project.

2. Transportation services to and from your work site.

In order to utilize heavy construction equipment, you must first move these machines to your work site. Transporting heavy machinery can be challenging, and it sometimes requires access to specialized trucks, trailers, and permits in order to do so legally.

Since you probably don't have access to the materials needed to transport large pieces of equipment, you should look for a rental company that provides transportation to and from your work site. It can also be beneficial to ensure that you rental company will handle setting up and tearing down any machines that might require assembly (like a crane).

3. Proximity to your work site.

When you want to  keep your rental costs as low as possible, it can be beneficial to partner with a rental company that is located near your work site. Having a rental company in close proximity to your construction project reduces the number of miles that must be driven for delivery and pick up, and it also ensures that you will be able to quickly gain access to replacement parts and skilled technicians should repairs be needed to restore functionality to a piece of rented machinery.

There are many cost-saving advantages that you can enjoy when you opt to work with a rental company located in close proximity to your work site.

Partnering with a rental company for access to the construction equipment you require is a great way to effectively complete future projects without incurring the expense of investing in the purchase of heavy machinery. Look for a rental company that offers the newest models, is willing to provide transport, and is located near your work site to maximize your rental benefits. For more information, check out websites like http://www.allstarequipment.net today.

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