Revitalize Your Bookstore's Exterior With Fresh Paint And A Neon Sign

If you own a small bookstore and the building that you operate out of has chipped paint on its vinyl exterior, revitalize the building's appearance by adding a fresh coat of paint to areas in need. Afterward, add a neon sign to the front of the building to assist with attracting customers.


  • drop cloths
  • harness
  • fiberglass scaffold
  • metal paint scraper
  • power sander
  • low or medium grit sandpaper
  • power washer
  • detergent
  • water hose
  • paint gun
  • exterior primer
  • exterior paint

Remove Peeling Paint And Sand Vinyl

Lay drop cloths along one side of the building that requires fresh paint. Place a fiberglass scaffold next to the building's exterior. Fiberglass scaffolds are typically lightweight, resistant to spills, and non-conductive, which will reduce the chance of you being electrocuted if you are working near electrical wires. After putting on a safety harness, raise the scaffold's plank so that it is located slightly below the area where you will be removing peeling paint and adding primer and new coats of paint.

Carry materials needed up the side of the scaffold and set the items beside the spot where you will be standing. Use a metal paint scraper to remove peeling paint from the siding. If some portions of the vinyl have a rough surface, move a power sander back and forth over them. Remove peeling paint from the other sides of the building by following the same set of instructions.

Clean Vinyl And Use A Paint Gun 

Add detergent and water to a power washer's tank. Apply the cleaning solution to dirty vinyl and portions of the siding that were sanded. After effectively eliminating dirt and sanding dust, empty the washer's tank and fill it with fresh water. Rinse the siding off. Clean the rest of the building and wait for vinyl to dry. 

Fill a paint gun with primer. While standing on the scaffold, administer an even coat of primer across siding that is lacking paint. Avoid holding the paint gun in one spot for too long because it could cause primer to puddle and drip down the siding. Wait for primed vinyl to dry.

Clean the paint gun's reservoir and add paint to the building's exterior. Each coat of paint needs to dry all of the way before adding another coat. Continue adding coats of paint until the color of the paint is the same shade as the rest of the building's exterior.

Add A Neon Light 

Purchase a custom neon sign that states the name of the bookstore or the hours you operate each day and secure the sign to the front of the building. Turn the sign on daily to capture the attention of people passing by your business. 

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