Four Delicious Food Items Or Dishes You Can Make With Basmati Rice And Serve In Your Restaurant

Basmati rice is fast becoming a very popular food item in the U.S. Although it is a staple in many dishes in Southeast Asia already, it was almost unknown or unheard of in this country. As a restaurant owner and purchasing manager, you may be looking for new flavors, new products at cost, and new dishes to serve all the time. If you are interested in experiencing and tasting this fragrant and flavorful starch and using it in your restaurant, you can buy basmati rice wholesale. Then you can use the rice in the following dishes or foods.


Basmati rice has an all-natural, lightly spicy flavor that gives curry an extra "oomph." If you like spicy dishes, or you just love curry, this rice will provide some extra spice. It is already used in curry dishes in parts of India. You can serve it under your curry or to the side, just in case you would prefer to eat your rice and curry separate.

Rice Bread

Rice bread can be made with any kind of rice, but if you make it with basmati, you can smell the dough as it rises. The mildly spicy flavor adds a twist on white breads. It will also fill your home with such an enticing aroma as it bakes. Use the bread to make various ethnic sandwiches, like gyros, or with wild game like venison and wild turkey.

Indian Basmati Rice Pudding

If you like rice pudding, this is a dish you should try. Instead of cinnamon, the flavor of the basmati rice comes through. Some recipes call for crushed cardamom pods, while others use other traditional Indian spices. White basmati rice works best, as the husks on brown basmati rice do not provide the right texture to this pudding.

Fried Brown and White Rice

Along the borders that India shares with other Asian countries, you will find that basmati rice is used in fried rice recipes. Fry both white and brown rice together to give the rice added color. Go light on the soy sauce so that the unique flavor of the rice shines through. Serve as a side dish or eat with another Indian or Asian dish.

If You Are a Restaurant Chef and/or Owner

If you are a restaurant chef and/or owner, and you plan to make and serve any of the above in your restaurant, be sure to buy the rice in bulk from a wholesale distributor. This will reduce the cost of the rice and make it easier to have enough on hand for all the recipes in which you plan to use basmati. Large twenty and forty pound bags are fairly common when you buy basmati rice wholesale online. Visit a site like for more help.

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