What To Choose When Purchasing An AC Current Switch

AC current switches are necessary when you need accurate current indication. When purchasing an AC current switch, there are a few options you can choose from and it is important to make sure that you select the right one. The switch that you purchase can affect how much it will cost and the utility of the switch. There are several features to look for in your switch.

Choose a Warranty

Find out if the switch comes with a warranty. Some switches have a 5-year warranty that will give you the peace-of-mind knowing that your part will work or will be replaced if it doesn't.

Know What the Setpoint Range is

Find out what the setpoint range is, which will be measured in amps. This will allow you to set the capacity of your circuit. You will need to calculate the circuit load capacity and the amps demanded by your appliances to determine what you need.

Know If It Can Be Tailored to a Digital Indicator

Find out if the current switch can be tailored to provide a digital indication of over-current conditions across various applications. This will assist you when troubleshooting the circuit in the future.

Decide Between a Split Core and a Solid Core

Determine if you need a split core or solid core. A solid core is permanently closed. They are less expensive and can be very accurate. However, they can be inconvenient when you must perform a retrofit installation. Split core switches are easier to change.

Decide Between a Single-Range and Multi-Range AC Current Switch

Decide on whether you would like a single-range or multi-range AC current switch. The multi-range AC switch allows for several jumper-selectable input ranges. The jumper is a short length of a conductor that can be used to bypass, open or close an electronic circuit. 

Choose a Time Delay and an Alarm

AC current switches sometimes come with a time delay. This allows for the avoidance of accidental trips. Consider choosing an AC sensor that comes with a limit alarm. When tripped, a limit alarm will trigger an LED light that will inform you that it has been tripped. The alarm makes the product much easier to use. 

While the difference in price for each type of AC current switch can seem small, having a switch with the right convenient features will ensure that your industrial applications function properly and to make maintenance easier.

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