Keeping The Animal Watered Through The Winter Months

When the weather starts to get cold and you have a hose that you need to keep water flowing in, you could have a problem but there are some solutions that may be worth looking into. If you are in the northern climates where the cold weather seems to arrive earlier, and last longer, getting the water from the well to the desired location might be harder to do then in other parts of the country.

Heated Hoses For Water

One of the simplest solutions for keeping the water running in the cold is to invest in heated hoses. While they are available in different lengths, the added requirement of an electrical source where the hose is connected to the water source is required. These hoses are constructed out of high-quality materials and have an electric heating element wrapped around the outside. The heating element is covered in an out sleeve to protect it and when plugged in, the heater warms the water inside the hose to keep it from freezing. This gives you a source of water in your barn or another area that is usable all year. If you are not going to use the hose for a while or if the weather starts to warm, you might want to remove it and put it in storage until the next time you need it so it does not get damaged.

Heated Water Troughs

If you have the water flowing through a heating hose, you have a great start but what do you do about keeping the troughs free of ice? There are options for heated troughs available as well so you can run your heated hose to the trough and the tough will keep the water in it warm as well. The temperature ranges of these hoses and troughs will vary but the water should not be so hot that the animals cannot drink it. Check with the distributor to make sure you get the proper heat range and size for your needs.

Water Bubblers For Water Troughs

Often used in climates that have slightly warmer winters, a trough bubbler will keep the water in the trough moving so It can't freeze. The system uses air bubbles pumped into the water to create the movement within the trough. The bubbler will not be enough in very cold climates but for areas that are not as cold, it can be a good system. If you use a heated hose to carry the warm water to the trough, it might help the bubbler system work longer than it would have otherwise.

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