3 Improvements for Septic Drain Fields That Help Prevent Problems & Failure

The drain field of your septic system is an important component of your plumbing system. If you have an older drain field, it is likely to have an outdated design. Today, there are many options to improve drain fields and septic systems with improvements like secondary tanks, pumps and more drain lines. Here are some of the improvements for septic drain fields that will help prevent problems with your septic system:

1. Secondary Drain Lines and Distribution Box for Better Percolation

The drainage of waste after it leaves your tank is called percolation. In older septic systems, the drain field may only have a single line, which causes problems with percolation. To improve the filtration of waste and the performance of your septic system, a new drain line can be installed as a secondary drain field.

2. Installing a Secondary Treatment Tank for Improved Waste Treatment

Sometimes, older septic systems may have tanks that are undersized for the needs of modern homes. If you have an outdated system with a small tank, installing a secondary treatment tank can improve your system and prevent failure that leads to costly repairs. The secondary treatment tank will also help improve the breakdown of waste inside the tank, which will help prevent problems with solid waste that can backup into your household plumbing or get into the drainage field system; causing more serious problems that can be costly to repair. The secondary tank will also help improve bacteria levels and the breakdown of solid waste before it goes to the drain field.

3. Septic Pump and Pump Tanks for Improved Drainage to Drain Field

The distribution of waste to drain fields can sometimes be inefficient in older systems. The waste may not get to the entire lines and percolate properly. To solve this problem, a septic pump and distribution box can be installed to ensure that waste is evenly distributed to the drain field for efficient percolation. In addition, the may also require the installation of an additional pump tank, where the waste will be pumped to the distribution box, and then, to the drain field. This is an efficient upgrade for older systems, which will not require replacing the entire system.

The are some improvements for septic drain fields that will help prevent failure with older systems. If you need help with maintenance or improvements for your septic system, visit resources like http://www.compressor-pump.com for help with choosing the right septic pump for your drain field improvements. 

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