What To Know About Concrete Stains

Whether it is a commercial or residential building, the aesthetics of a structure are an important concern. For concrete surfaces, the application of a stain can be a useful upgrade to make because it can allow the owner to more effectively customize the appearance of their property.

Are Concrete Stains Suitable For Outdoor Settings?

It can be common for individuals to assume that the pigments in the concrete stain will rapidly fade if exposed to large amounts of moisture. As a result of this belief, individuals might not consider having outdoor concrete surfaces stained. However, these stains are actually extremely durable. They are typically able to withstand being exposed to rain, snow, and other sources of moisture. This is due to the fact that these stains will penetrate deep into the concrete where they will actually bind to the concrete. As a result, concrete stains are able to withstand exposure to a variety of weather conditions.

Will A Stain Provide Protection Against Moisture Damage?

Individuals will often assume that a concrete stain will protect the concrete against moisture damage. However, it should be noted that these stains are only for cosmetic purposes. They will not provide any type of practical protection for the concrete surfaces. You will still need to apply a waterproof sealant to the exterior of the concrete surface. In addition to protecting the concrete itself against moisture damage, these coatings will also be able to help extend the life of the stain so that your concrete can enjoy these aesthetic benefits for as long as possible.

Why Is It Advisable To Hire Professionals To Stain The Concrete?

It might seem like applying a stain to concrete will be fairly simple. Often, individuals may think that this will simply involve applying a thin layer of stain to the concrete. However, this fails to consider the difficulty of keeping the stain consistent. If too much stain is applied to one area of the concrete, it could lead to dark spots or other issues with the coloring. Luckily, the cost of hiring a professional to apply a stain to concrete will be relatively low, and the entire process should only take a few hours to complete for small concrete surfaces. For those who want to stain a parking lot or commercial floor, it is important to be aware that the surface will need at least several hours to cure before it can be used.

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