What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Different Types Of Pool Pumps?

Essentially, pool owners have the option of picking between three types of pool pumps: one-speed, two-speed, and variable-speed. If you will be using your pump for a commercial setting, it is going to be helpful to know precisely what kind of pump will be the best option. Here is a quick look at the three types of pool pumps and the pros and cons of each. 

Single-Speed Pool Pumps 

Single-speed pool pumps tend to be one of the first types of pumps buyers go for simply because they do what they are meant to do at a lower cost. While functional for the purpose, these pumps can be higher-energy consumers. 


  • Most cost-effective pool pump option 
  • Reliable energy consumption due to single speed 
  • Easy to maintain due to the simple design 


  • Uses more energy than a two-speed or variable pool pump 
  • May not offer a long life span or warranty 
  • May not work out the best for larger pools in commercial settings 

Two-Speed Pool Pumps 

Two-speed pool pumps basically operate with a dual-speed motor; you have the option of low and high speed, but the functions have to be manually adjusted. Two-speed pool pumps are common on larger pools due to the fact that they can be adjusted to accommodate the necessary filtration and chemical treatment needs. 


  • Give you the opportunity to save energy by alternating between low and high flow 
  • Suitable for larger, industrial-sized pools 
  • Easily replaces a one-speed pump


  • Must be manually adjusted to capture energy savings 
  • May require maintenance replacement more frequently 
  • More costly than a single-speed pump 

Variable-Speed Pool Pumps 

Variable-speed pool pumps are the top choice among a lot of pool owners because they yield the most substantial amount of energy savings without a lot of human input. The pumps have two motors that can operate at varying speeds depending on either predetermined settings or the needs for filtration detected by onboard sensors. 


  • Offer the best energy savings of all types of pool pumps 
  • Can be used to replace either a single- or two-speed pool pump
  • Requires little human input or attention 
  • May be outfitted with intuitive features 


  • More costly than single- or two-speed pool pumps 
  • Can be more costly to maintain when they need service 

Choosing the right pool pump can make a difference in the efficiency of your overall system and even how well your pool water is processed. If you are looking for the best pool pump, reach out to an industrial pool pump supplier. 

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