Keys To Renting Out A Beam Lift For Material Handling

If you need to move heavy-duty materials to a certain height around a worksite temporarily, beam lift rentals are great investments. You can use the following protocol to rent your own lift and use it with no complications getting in your way. 

Assess the Materials Being Lifted

Rather than choosing a beam lift rental and then using it on materials, you want to assess the materials being handled first. Then you can line up a compatible beam lift rental that's powerful enough to support these loads safely around any work setting.

For instance, if you're trying to move large steel beams up to a certain height around a storage solution, you need a beam lift that supports this material perfectly. That will keep you safe and prevent the beam lift rental from being overworked and damaged.

Test Out Movement in Real-Time

In order for a beam lift to be effective and useful around a worksite involving heavy materials, you need to be able to move it in an optimal way. You can test out this attribute yourself by showing up to a beam lift rental supplier's facility. They may have different beam lift models already set up for testing.

You can take them through several different maneuvers that they would go through on your worksite, so you can see which model is going to be the easiest to move for you or a dedicated operator that you're hiring to manage this beam lift rental. Additionally, testing movement will ensure the beam lift doesn't have any performance issues that would give you trouble when you start using said machinery around a particular work environment for real.

Get More Platform Height Than You Really Need

Beam lifts are useful in that they can help you move heavy materials up to a certain platform height. With this attribute, you really should get more than you potentially need because then you have plenty of wiggle room.

Even if you need to go higher with this beam lift than you originally planned, you'll still have more height capabilities to take advantage of. That will save you from having to order another beam lift rental from a supplier.

If you spend time analyzing your work environment and materials being moved up to certain heights, it will be a lot easier to choose the right beam lift rental. Then you won't have complications when moving heavy materials around. 

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