Things To Specify When Ordering An Air Compressor From A Dealer

If you want to order a well-performing air compressor, then working with a specialty dealer will be important for getting exactly what you need. All you have to do is specify the following things after finding the right compressor distributor to partner up with.

Body Design

The external portion of your air compressor is known as the body. There are a lot of standard options to choose from, especially if you find a distributor with a large air compressor inventory. You just need to figure out what body design is the most relevant.

For instance, maybe the body needs to be a particular shape because of spatial restrictions or maybe particular materials are important because of where said compressor is being used. Figure out all of these relevant factors to choose the perfect body for this compressor system that a distributor can source with ease. 

Maximum Horsepower Support

The strength of an air compressor is rated by horsepower. You have a lot of HP (horsepower) ranges to choose from today, but before you start looking at options that a dealer has available, think about what maximum horsepower amount makes the most sense.

Think about the tools that you're supporting with this compressor or just the general activities that you're looking to complete with said system. Then you just need to figure out a maximum horsepower range that you won't be prone to going over when completing projects.

Base Layout

The part of the air compressor that keeps it stable and movement-free is the base. Like with body designs, there are a lot of base layouts you can choose regardless of which dealer you end up buying this compressor system from.

It's paramount to get a base that supports the full weight of your air compressor and also inspires confidence after setting this system up around an area. You don't want it toppling over because that's a good way to damage external parts and then not being able to use this compressor system optimally. Look at a couple of base options until you can find a compressor that's proven in this feature category.

Air compressors are easy to purchase today because there are a lot of dealers, such as Quincy compressor distributors, that sell them to clients like yourself. If you go at your own pace when searching their inventories and specify your needs clearly from the beginning, you can find optimal compressors quickly that are good investments. 

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