Evaluating Oilfield Downhole Tools

When it's time to replace the downhole tools you use at the oilfield at which you work, you can have a fun time looking at all the new features on the latest models. However, you still need to take into account some very basic issues that can make a piece of equipment great or not-great, no matter how many cool features it has. That doesn't mean that the march of technology can't improve on these features, of course. But don't get swayed by bells and whistles that could only end up costing you more.

They Need to Be Stable

Any downhole tool you buy has to be stable. You can't have drills veering off course or other tools suddenly dropping into the well. That puts both the workers and the well in danger. Look for strong, stable connections, even footing for tools that sit outside the well, and better directional control.

They Need to Have State-of-the-Art Communications and Information Systems

When you drill down to create an oil well, you don't have visual confirmation of what's being accomplished; you can go really only by feel unless there's a communications system embedded in the tool that can send information back to a computer. This is one area where advances in technology offer more than cosmetic improvements; this is where you get faster and more real-time information that allows you to continue drilling or suspend operations as soon as is needed.

They Need to Be Strong – and You Still Need Ways to Pull Them out of the Well

It should go without saying that the tools need to be strong, but that also needs to apply to all parts of the tools. You do not want parts breaking off. That being said, accidents happen, and even strong tools can break. That means you have to remember to replace the "fishing" tools used to pull items out of the well. No one wants to think about that part of the job, but you know the value of being prepared. So, get strong parts, but also get those downhole fishing tools just in case you need them.

Do you need to find new oilfield downhole tool solutions? Start looking now so that you have time to comparison-shop and evaluate the models you see. You want to make good decisions, not rushed decisions facing pressure due to broken tools that you need to replace immediately.

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