Corrosion Testing For Well Water

Bluish-greenish stains on plumbing and a metallic taste that is incurred when drinking well water are indicative of copper being present. A homeowner can use a corrosion testing kit to verify what they suspect.  

Copper Amounts

Copper supports the blood vessels and connective tissues. It is also essential for normal brain function. Small amounts of copper are found in proteins, nuts, chocolate, and other food products. The body only needs a small amount of copper to function properly. Ingesting large amounts of copper can make a person feel ill. It can also cause more serious health issues.

Copper piping is fairly resilient in most situations. Copper that is submerged underground could corrode if it comes into contact with aggressive soils or if runoff from a contaminated water source enters a well. If corrosion occurs, water within a well could become contaminated. This is why it is important to test the water if a homeowner detects off-color staining or notices an unpleasant taste when they drink water from their well.

Test Kits And Remedies

Many corrosion testing kits are designed for use with well water and city water. If corrosion were to be detected in city water, it would be up to a local municipality to correct the problem. The person who administered the test would need to report their findings. A test kit contains strips, which will indicate the level of copper. A chart will be included, which will indicate a safe copper level and an unsafe one.

Many testing products are also designed to test the temperature of the water and its pH. A deluxe kit may contain many strips, which can be used to test for corrosion and to detect if other foreign materials are within a freshwater supply. All of the tests that come in a kit are designed for single use. Strips may be sealed in foil, which will prevent them from becoming contaminated before the testing process has been conducted.

Strips should remain clean and dry until the testing will be administered. If a homeowner would like to verify the test results, and they have invested in a kit that contains multiple test strips, they can administer a secondary test right after the initial one. If corrosion is detected, a homeowner should contact a professional who services wells. This person may conduct additional tests and will also recommend methods that will remedy the problem. 

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