Pros and Cons of Cardlock Fueling Services

For a fleet owner, fuel management is a critical operational aspect to ensure the vehicles are always on the road. One option available is cardlock fueling services, which provide a faster way to refuel, reduce human errors in purchasing, and often offer discounts. However, these services may not be suitable for everyone. In this blog, we will discuss the pros and cons of cardlock fueling services to help you determine if it is the right solution for your business.


Faster refueling

One of the significant benefits of using a cardlock fueling service is faster refueling times. Rather than waiting in line at a gas station or convenience store, the driver can access a designated depot and fuel up immediately. This can save time and ensure that the driver is back on the road quickly.

Reduced paperwork and errors

Using a cardlock fueling service eliminates the need for employees to collect and submit receipts, reducing the possibility of errors or misuse of funds. A centralized system tracks transactions, enabling accurate and efficient fuel management.

Cost savings and control

Many cardlock fueling services offer discounts for bulk purchases, providing a cost-effective solution for fleet owners with higher fuel consumption. Additionally, the system provides control over fuel spending, helping fleet owners track fuel expenses and identify anomalies.


Fuel cards offer a high level of security by tracking individual fuel purchases. This can help to identify fuel theft, card misuse, or other fraudulent activities.


Limited locations

Depending on the cardlock fueling service provider, there may be limited locations where drivers can access fuel. This can be a disadvantage for fleet owners, particularly those that cover larger distances.

Maintenance costs

Some cardlock fueling services require maintenance fees, transaction fees, or additional charges that can increase expenses over time.

Limited payment methods

In some cases, cardlock fueling services may restrict payment methods to their cards. This can be a challenge for drivers who require cash or other payment options to fuel their vehicles.


Cardlock fueling services typically offer pre-purchased fuel options, which may not be flexible enough for drivers with varying fuel consumption needs.

In summary, cardlock fueling services offer many advantages for fleet owners, including faster refueling, cost savings, reduced paperwork, and improved security. However, there may be some limitations, such as restricted payment methods, limited locations, and a lack of flexibility in fuel purchasing. It is important to weigh the pros and cons carefully to determine if a cardlock fueling service is right for your business. Speak to your fuel management provider to learn more about the options available and find the best solution for your needs.

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