3 Safety Tips To Remember When Using An Industrial Mixer

A sigma blade mixer, double arm mixer or other similar type of industrial mixer can be incredibly handy for mixing materials together in an industrial setting. However, it is important to realize just how dangerous these mixers can be if you aren't careful about how you use them. These are a few safety tips that you can follow that can help you use your industrial mixer more safely.

1. Make Sure the Mixer is Properly Secured

When your mixer is doing its job, it can quickly move out of position because of all of the power if you aren't careful. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the mixer is secured so that it will stay firmly in place. For example, many businesses bolt their mixers to the floor to help keep them in place. Along with making sure that the mixer itself is secure, it is also important to check the mixing drum and any other moving parts to make sure that they are properly secure as well.

2. Do Not Overfill the Mixer

It can be tempting to try to put more material in the mixer so that you can get more done at one time. However, your mixer should only be used to mix an appropriate amount of product based on the size of the drum and the power of the mixer. Because of this, it is important to be aware of the restrictions of how much you are supposed to put in the mixer. You can usually find this information along with other owner's information in the manual, and there may be a "fill" line or other similar designation on the drum itself so that you will have guidance in adding the proper amount of product.

3. Remember to Turn the Mixer Off

Periodically during use, you may need to refill the mixer, remove product that has already been mixed or simply check to ensure that all of the moving parts are working as they are supposed to. Before doing this, make sure that you turn the mixer off. Otherwise, you could be at serious risk of injury from the mixer's moving parts. Plus, turning the mixer off when it's not being used can help conserve energy within your industrial business as well.

Using an industrial mixer can be an important part of some jobs in the industrial sector. Make sure that you follow these tips so that you can use your industrial mixer in the safest way possible.


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